The Think Tank

The Think Tank is a very versatile room. All of our furniture is on wheels so we can configure the room however you need. Take a look at a few of the configurations below and let us know which one works best for your meeting. Or, please recommend something new and we’ll name it after you! We can even take everything out and leave you with one big empty room (we have a yoga group who likes this!).

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Seats: 12 people

This is a simple format that seats 8-12 people. Plenty of room around the table to walk around and stretch your legs!

Everyday Plus

Seats: up to 18

This is an extension of the basic Everyday style. It seats 12 - 18 people in one big “last supper” style table.

Traditional Meeting

Seats: 20 people

This is a traditional meeting format. We can get 18 in comfortably and up to 22 people with folks sitting on the ends. You can also toss people in the middle and get a bunch more, but it can get pretty crowded in there if you do that. It’s been done - but you really need to like each other!


Seats: 18 people

Need to run a training session or an instructional seminar? This is a great format for that. It seats 18 people with everyone having a desk to work on. We can get creative and put additional people in the isles and get another 4-6 people but it will be crowded!

Theater Style

Seats: up to 35 people

Sometimes, just chairs will do! This format sets up rows of seats for up to 35 people.

Work Groups

Seats: 12-20 people

Sometimes, it’s best to break people up into groups. One of our customers uses this format for board games! It has four groups of tables with 4 people per group. If you like, you can add an additional 2 people per pod on the sides.

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