The Works Program

Our mission is to help make every business successful.  Of course, there are many avenues to do that.  We can help you focus on having a professional website, nice matching business cards, a mailing address other than your home, a business phone system so you don't have to hand out your cell phone number (but it still rings on your cell phone), an email address that matches your website URL, and a professional place to work.  We can accomplish this through many partnerships we have built over the years to bring you an affordable solution.

If you need a little (or a lot) of help in professionalizing your business, give us a shout and we can discuss how The Works can help.


You don't need to spend a lot of money to have a professional looking website.  Where some folks will charge you $10K to build a few pages, we can offer you a site at roughly $100 / page. Clean, professional, SEO compliant, and simple.  If you are looking for a simple site, we have a simple solution.  

Business Cards & Logos

Your Name, Your logo, Your Business Card, Your Site. They all need to blend together and they all need to convey one message.  We can help you pull all of this together. 


As business owners, we are always on the go. Using our cell phones as our phone of choice makes sense.  The only problem is once you hand out your cell phone you can't control when you'll get a call.  With a VOIP system, you can get a local business number with all the bells and whistles and unlimited calling within the US for as little as $20/month and have that number ring on your cell phone.  But - you have the ability to turn it off when you want and have it go to voicemail when you are at the park with the kids.  A business number on your website and business cards - a cell phone number for your friends and family.  

Business Address

Do you need a business address other than your home and not a PO Box?  What's the corporate address that you put on your website or business card?  We can offer you a Worcester Address (with a suite number) for as little as $10/month.  We'll receive your mail on your behalf and store it here until you pick it up.  We'll even store your packages.  We have three plans to fit your budget.  

Domains / Emails & Google+

What's your business email address?  Does the domain of your email match your website or are you using or instead? The simplest way to get people to your website is to have an email with a matching domain name!  We can set you up on Gmail business or Office 360 for a small annual fee and get you an email that matches your business domain and website.  We can help you with the conversion from the old to the new as well.

We will also help you setup your Google My Business account which gets you on the map and into the local snack pack on searches.

A place to work

Of course - this is what we do for a living!  We can provide you with a professional place to work and a great place to meet with your customers.  Let your customers know you are a professional and legitimate business.  When they walk into your office and they see your name on the directory, and someone is there to welcome them - you can check "professional" off your list of accomplishments.  

Training on technical babble

Have you ever wished you were better at using MS Word, Excel, Outlook or Publisher?  How do people have such great signature lines in their emails? How do people create such beautiful presentations?  We can help you learn how to use the full office package and enable yourself to create a professional product.  

How about files?  Do you store them all in one folder on your desktop?  Do you know how to create directories to organize your files by client by year?  Would you like to setup an environment where you can save your files on your laptop, have access and edit them on your home PC and then view them on your phone all without a thumb drive or copying files?  We can teach you the benefits of cloud storage.  Do you have a need to store your clients' files in a secure compliant environment?  We can help with that as well.