We have spent a fair amount of time working in the tech industry and know there are many times you just wish your coworkers would go away so you can get work done!  But we also know that working out of your home can give you the feeling of being isolated and removed from everyone else.  Coffee shops are an option, but frequently the noise and chaos are just too much to bear to be productive, the Wi-Fi is often shoddy, and your work surface just isn't enough space.  

Here at Clearly Coworking, we offer an option that is just the right compromise!  We can provide you with a large surface space, stand up desks if you like, free coffee, and a business class internet connection.  In addition, a power station is available at each work surface to keep you going all day.  As you work, you won't be alone, rather, you'll be surrounded by other tech professionals doing their thing.   

If you need to meet with a client, we have professional meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology, VOIP conference phones, and wired connections to the internet for your bandwidth-hungry video conference meetings.


  • Fully equipped conference rooms
  • Business address mail services
  • Private offices
  • Document editing administrative services
  • Copy / Scan  / Print
  • Secure professional Wi-Fi and wired internet access (200mb down / 20mb up)
  • Free coffee
  • A community of tech people
  • Plenty of food and convenience options within walking distance
This office space has been an absolute game-changer for me and my business... Before Clearly Coworking, I was either working from home with loads of distractions (self-inflicted and family - 3 young kids) or I was bouncing around from Starbucks to Panera Bread to Barnes and Noble. At first, I was using the open space on a daily basis, and that allowed me to get some stability and begin to focus more of my time growing my business... a few months later I was able to move into a private office and have been there ever since. Next is a team office ;-) I highly recommend this space to any business owner or anyone who works from home and needs more focus, to be around other like-minded individuals, community, and just to have a reason to get up, get dressed and leave the house. Stop working in your jammies. :-)