Our Story

In 2012 I started a consulting company called Clearly Works and decided to run my business out of my house. I have a strong technical background so I was able to design a home office with all the bells and whistles to make me look professional. I got my first customer (thank you MSDA!) with others who also worked out of their homes and we were off solving all the Medicaid challenges! But then we had to meet to review a presentation we were working on. GoToMeeting and Join.Me are great tools but nothing replaces a face to face meeting. My kitchen wasn't up for the challenge so we had to find a place with a large table, white boards, Wi-fi and of course coffee nearby. I ended up convincing my alma mater to let me borrow a room at the university but realized that was not going to be a long term solution. No matter how much technology I surrounded myself with, I could not replace meeting face to face nor could I shrug off the isolation of working alone in my house. My dogs Belle and Dixie are always going to bark when Gary the UPS guy comes to the house (which of course is always during a phone call!). Nor can I resist the temptations that loom within the house. But most importantly, I found myself getting stale from the lack of constant interaction with people. You can't replace that energy with phone calls, video meetings, or emails. I do attend many local chamber meetings, but that's time away from working, and often time when I need to meet with my clients. I realized I was hurting my business by working out of my home.

One day I was attending a presentation, and the presenter mentioned he worked in a coworking office in Boston. I was intrigued by this concept and talked to him after the meeting. He explained to me what coworking is and I instantly realized coworking was the solution for me. I began looking for a place close by but I didn't find any that made sense to me. I found rooms to rent as part of someone's office, I found a few places geared towards incubating start-ups, and I found a chain coworking place that stuffed as many people in a spot as possible. I didn't find any place where I could bring a client and feel comfortable with the professionalism of the environment. I also couldn't see myself working each day in any of these other places. So, like any entrepreneur, I decided to solve my dilemma by starting my own coworking space.   

After two and half years of searching,  I found the perfect spot to start Clearly Coworking. Like most coworking spaces, the location needs to be "on the way" and have plenty of parking. I believe I found that here at 474 Grove St in Worcester MA.  I'm sure you will feel comfortable calling it your office, and will be proud to invite your customers if you choose to.

Coworking has been around for 10+ years but mostly in large cities like Boston. I believe Worcester has a growing need for a coworking space geared towards our professional needs. Rent in Worcester is expensive for a small business owner. I think you'll find our prices and welcoming environment well worth the price. Stop by and give Clearly Coworking a try. We would love to have you as part of our community.


Our Mission

Our motivation is to make Worcester a better place to live, work, engage and inspire. Clearly Coworking™ will provide the desks, Wi-Fi, coffee, copiers and conference rooms, but we need you to provide the community. Members make the community and we welcome everyone to our location to share in the experience. Who knows, maybe your future colleagues are already here!

If you live in Worcester, Holden, Rutland, West Boylston, Shrewsbury, Paxton, Princeton, Auburn, Millbury, Leicester, Oxford, Spencer or in other Worcester county towns and are looking for a professional space to conduct your business, come give our coworking space a try.  

We're changing the way we work.

Rob DelMastro - Founder and CEO

Rob DelMastro

Rob DelMastro

I graduated from Clark University in the mid-eighties with a major in applied mathematics and dreams of being successful. Over the many years of my professional career, I have achieved things I could have never imagined back then, and everything I could have hoped for. Most importantly, my definition of "being successful" has drastically changed since that day I was handed a diploma.  

I began my professional career at a time when technology was just emerging in the business world.  My first desktop computer was a duel floppy IBM XT with 128 KB of RAM and I ran Lotus 123 on it. A year later I had access to a Compaq portable (laptop) that weighted 28 lbs!  I began a 20 year journey of software development that took me through many development languages and platforms all the way up to web development and today's content management systems.  

In the mid-nineties I found myself part of a small business team that set out to start two insurance companies. Our technical strategy was to build a platform that solely ran on a network and client server technology, which was just emerging at that time. My job was to network together all of the agencies with the corporate office and provide them with software and a sound workflow to run their business. It was during this period that I began to understand what an entrepreneurial environment was really like, and I was lucky enough to work with many great people.   

In 2000, two other individuals and I started Blue Cod Technologies. Blue Cod is still in existence today and delivers a SaaS product to many insurance companies across the United States. It also has a top notch business process outsourcing division that runs the backoffice of several insurance companies. Many of the same great people I worked with in my first start-up helped me build Blue Cod into a very successful business.  

I left Blue Cod in 2012 to set out on my own. I started Clearly Works with a mission to use what I have learned over the past 30 years to assist others in their businesses. Since then, I have had the pleasure of helping a variety of businesses - from a small 3 person company up to extremely large corporations - tackle technology challenges and solve business problems.

In September of 2015 I opened my doors here at Clearly Coworking.   

Through all of these experiences, I have learned that being successful is really about working with great people and delivering sound solutions that drive business forward. No amount of money or prestigious titles can replace the great satisfaction of seeing your products helping others succeed. In my past the "product" was a bit different than what  I offer today.  Now I offer you the tools and the business environment to be professional and hopefully enable you to be successful with your clients and teammates.  

I look forward to hearing your story and hope to help you achieve your goals as well.