This is a great article on the mental jungle-gym most go through when considering using a coworking space.  Why would I pay money for a work space?  How did I make money before I committed to coworking?  

The article ends with these great comments on coworking:

You get what you invest

I’m trying my best not to pull out a cliché here, but it’s true that if all you’re investing is money, all you can expect is a flexible workspace. If you’re willing to put some of yourself, your time, your expertise and your energy into the community, you’ll see a far greater value in coworking.


Why does anyone pay for coworking? - Tech London

Some people make an impression on you right from the start. In that first conversation, you realise they're going to be important to you. Their values match or complement your own, they challenge you, they fill your mind with potential. And, hopefully, you do the same for them.