This is a great article on the power and value of working together.  I see this happening in our space here.  Members bouncing ideas and thoughts off other members.  You can't replace the experience and value of human interaction with technology.  As much of a technology geek that I am, I have to agree there is nothing technically available to replace a door jam conversation.  (for the younger generation - the mere expression "Door Jam" comes from a time when we all worked in the same building and many problems were solved hanging out in someone's doorway)

"The power of presence has no simple explanation. It might be a manifestation of the “mere-exposure effect”: We tend to gravitate toward what’s familiar; we like people whose faces we see, even just in passing. Or maybe it’s the specific geometry of such encounters. The cost of getting someone’s attention at the coffee machine is low—you know they’re available because they’re getting coffee—and if mid-conversation, you see that the other person has no idea what you’re talking about, you automatically adjust."


When Working From Home Doesn't Work

The reaction was generally unsparing. The announcement was depicted, variously, as the desperate move of a company whose revenues had fallen 20 quarters in a row; a veiled method of shedding workers; or an attempt to imitate companies, like Apple and Google, that never embraced remote work in the first place.