I read the article below this morning and I have to agree with 95% of what he has to say.  This article just reaffirms the positive coworking movement across the world.  My two favorite quotes from the article are:

"There is something about these spaces, an almost tangible aura that just makes working easier and results in a greater results."
"To entrepreneurs, I say this: One day you will grow big enough and successful enough to require your own space, until then, however, a good coworking space will offer you immense value, both tangible and intangible."

Vladislav Solodkiy

But like most articles on coworking, they focus on the startup or the younger crowd.  Here at Clearly Coworking, we welcome both the startup and the younger crowd, but we also embrace the "everyday" business man and woman who is out there everyday trying to make their business successful.  Whether your business is 1 day old or 10+ years old, you still need a professional environment to meet clients, promote your business through seminars, meet with your staff or just hunker down for 8 hours and get stuff done.   There is no better place to do this than at a coworking space - a much better alternative than your house, a coffee shop or in your car!  So for all of you who are "fifty and fighting", we welcome you to our space and hope you find that "tangible aura that just makes working easier and results in a greater result" here at Clearly Coworking.