Almost every day I have a conversation with someone and they ask me - "So what do you do?".  My answer is:  "I own and operate a coworking office in central Massachusetts".  Inevitably I see a polite nod but an underlying look of confusion.  So I help them out and share with them my take on what coworking is.

New Worker Magazine wrote a funny article pointing out the various ways to describe coworking.   But the bottom line is every coworking space is different and everyone's need for coworking is different and I think that is what makes describing it very challenging. 

Here at Clearly Coworking we aim at creating a work community focused on improving our professional image, increasing productivity, and providing a better way to network.  While here, we take care of the utilities, the technology and the missing cables you need for that big presentation so you can focus on your business. Additionally, we naturally increasing our  professional network by providing an atmosphere where we have conversations with the person sitting next to us or at the coffee machine. No forced networking hour - just plain water cooler conversations that invariably lead to great discussions.    

Steve Johnson put together a great video about where good ideas come from.  The punch line of the video is that good ideas seldom happen in isolation but rather while being side by side with other creative minds. To me, that's what coworking is all about.