Have you ever noticed that when you come back from vacation and head into work for the first day, things seem “different” than when you left?  Maybe that project you were so stressed about doesn't seem so bad. Or maybe you suddenly discovered a different way to address some of the more challenging issues you faced right before you left.  There’s a good chance it's because you experienced a change in environment which allowed you to step back and either sub-conscientiously or conscientiously think about it.  So why not experience this more often and make it a part of your work routine?  You can try and ask for more vacation time but I think we all know how that will turn out.  But there’s another way.

The answer may be in coworking.  As more and more coworking office open around the globe, there is now an opportunity to pull yourself out of the office and into a new refreshing work place.  But unlike an actual vacation, the goal is to get work done.  What if you take a coworking vacation every once in a while?  Step out of your office and away from the day to day cloud that often stifles our thinking.  Go work for a week at a coworking office where you will be in a new environment and around new people.  Is your team stuck on a problem?  Then bring the team to a coworking place and I bet you will find a solution to that problem you’re working on much quicker than hour after hour in your conference room.

Talk to your employer about taking a coworking vacation and then head to your nearest coworking office to clearly make a difference. Let’s change the way we work!