The Amidon Learning LAb

The Amidon room is 14 x 20 and is a perfect room for a mid sized group. It’s basic configurations seat 12 people but with different setups can go as high as 20 people. Everything is on wheels making it a very flexible room.

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Classroom Style

Seats: 12 people

Perfect setup for any classroom based meeting. Need to run a training session or an instructional seminar? This is a great format for that. It seats 12 people with everyone having a desk to work on. We can get creative and put additional people in the isles and get another 3 people but it will be crowded!

Meeting Style

Seats: 12 people

This is a traditional meeting format. We can get 12 in comfortably and maybe 4 more with folks sitting on the ends.

Theater Style

Seats: 20 people

Sometimes, just chairs will do! This format sets up rows of seats for up to 20 people.

There is something in the name…

Ken was born and raised around Worcester, Massachusetts, attended high school in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Some of Ken’s professional accomplishments were wood carving, Claims Manager, Marketing Director and he was instrumental in starting many successful businesses. 

His personal accomplishments were endless and he always used his heart and soul  as he engaged those around him.  He always had a story, he always had an opinion, but most of all he always had an ear to listen.  He was a musician, a writer, a friend, a father, a brother, a husband, an organ donor, and an inspiration to many of us on how we should live our lives both at work and at play.  Ken taught me many things so it seemed fitting to dedicate this learning lab to him. 

Ken Amidon (1950-2013)