Current open positions at Clearly Coworking

Position: Office Assistant

  • Location: 474 Grove St, Worcester, MA
  • Position Type: Part Time
  • Wages: $14/hr.
  • Expected Hours per Week: Average 4
  • Starting Date: Immediate


Job Description:

The Office Assistant will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Greet customers as they enter the office.  
  • Check customers in/out using the coworking software (Nexudus).  
  • Register new users: If the customer is new and not in our system, the assistant would encourage the customer to join as a free member and have the customer enter their information into the system (or manually enter the details in the system). If they elect not to join, the assistant would collect the fees associated with the visit for that day.
  • Answer membership or account balances questions. 
  • Answering the company main phone.
  • Manage bookings of conference rooms and private offices. 
  • Keep the space generally clean.  
  • Receive mail and disseminate to appropriate mail slots by company.

Because a large part of this position requires hands on use of the Nexudus software, the applicant must be very comfortable using a computer.  No prior knowledge of Nexudus is required and there will be training on how to use the system.  

Additional Information:

The primary need for this position is to cover for the owner Rob when he is not able to be in the office.  A majority of this time he will be attending networking events and these events generally fall either at the beginning of the day (7:30 – 11:00) or at the end of the day (3:00 – 5:30).  In addition, there will be other times that he is out of the office and will need this person to cover in his absence.  Most of the networking meetings are scheduled a few weeks in advance and ample notification can be given. 

Because of the uncertainty of the schedule, this person is not required to cover for every occasion.  Two individuals will be hired for this position.  One will be the primary person and have first chance to accept hours and the remaining will be used to fill in the gaps as needed.  

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